A leading telecom operator wanted an end-to-end staffing and work processes management system to optimize asset deployment and drive sales.

The Challenge
Prepare a systemic workflow tool that captures staffing milestones holistically—from hiring & training to measuring performance.

The INEDGE Solution

  • To mitigate inherent risks, INEDGE set in place high-performance teams to handle account management, staffing and compliance at the national level.
  • A mobile-friendly dashboard helped track the progress of each team member.
  • INEDGE Executives supervised the MIS and HR systems from offices across the nation.

The Result

  • Instituted In Store Demonstrators complete sales management program
  • Coverage of 8400 outlets nationwide
  • Provided total manpower support
Timeline Description Modules
Day 1 Company Induction & Training  – By Brainhunter / IKYA
Day2 Product Training By Client team
90 days Level 1 Choice to select from below programa)    Soft skillsb)    Selling Skills

c)    Employee  Health & Safety

d)    Customer Relations

e)    People Management / Team work

f)     Effective Communication

180 days Level 2
270 days Level 3
> 360 days(Optional) Advance Training level –  Training  on  Managerial Skills, a)    “Young Leadership Program” (YLP)b)    Negotiation Skillsc)    Advance Marketing  / Selling
Route Training Conducting On Job Training for ISD by TL as gathering ISD for Classroom training difficult due to the spread a)    Route Training by TL on first 3 days of week so that last 4 days available to focus on sales.
Mobile Testing On Job testing of ISD knowledge through mobile based tests a)    Saves time, results provided instantly

Main Program:

Client Premier League – Seasonal Competition

  • Special Incentive scheme in the form of Pan India Team Competition– ISD Sells & score runs in form of cricket.
  • Huge excitement building up to increase sales

Meeting /General Coaching

  • Sessions with Client manager and field staffs on:
  • a. Explaining General compliance / process
  • b. Hiring Vs Attrition
  • c. Exit interviews
  • d. Trend Analysis of incentive earnings
  • e. Market Audits
  • f. Monthly review meeting

Associate Engagement

  • Conducting Open house in the proximity of IKYA offices through the regional team
  • Tax Help desk support to associates who are in tax limits and organize tax planning
  • Counseling on Career progression and appropriate job opportunities during ramp down
  • TCIL Best rates /  discounts extended to all associates through IKYA
  • Quarterly R&R Program with all associates & rewarding of Top Performers
  • Team Building Activities