Today, Business are 24×7, Interconnected & Dynamic, keeping the pace with this need of the hour is to have Real time connect & integration , which calls for Technology led solution especially on Mobility front..

INEDGE Technology platform strengthens every solution that we offer – HRIS, Sales Enablement, Visual Merchandising, Retail Audit, Engagement & Training.

INEDGE Application is a Mobile / Handheld based application, enabled with GPS & GPRS capable of capturing  Live, Real time data & image.

Our experience has shown us that an automated process can significantly impact the productivity & output of the people working across all functions. With a solution-conscious approach, we understands how to encourage people to embrace technology by

  1. Support decision-making thru customized dashboards & live drill down reports
  2. Monitor real-time data via mobile data capture giving context and location
  3. Workforce management to enhances business productivity.


The primary goal is to improve effectiveness & efficiency of the workforce via technology enablers to overcome challenges and achieve desired results.


Client Pain Points

  • Manual attendance, collated usually at month end à Time wasted
  • Authenticity of attendance not sure.
  • New members joining & tracking not automatic.
  • Leave application, records maintenance & tracking manual.
  • Resignation / Last working day information not accurate always.
INEDGE Proposal

  • Mobile application to mark attendance with photo & geo tag.
  • Multiple attendance option during Day
  • Team Leader (TL) approves attendance after viewing user Location & Time à msg to user
  • On Behalf Attendance marking option by TL.
  • New Joinee added in TL page with tentative DOJ to track & confirm joining.
  • Leave application, approval, cancellation through Mobile app.
  • Resignation through Mobile with info on Notice period, approval, Last Working day.

Value Additions:

  • Accurate Real Time Attendance & Tracking with same day approval – Least time wasted
  • Leave Management is automatic
  • New Joinee & Separation Management seamless
Client Pain Points

  • HR / Policy Docs, Salary slips, PF ESIC Insurance Details not always easily available.
  • Personal / Finance detail updating not real time.
  • I Card distribution becomes laborious process
  • Claims process manual & time consuming.
  • Communication takes longer time & not sure if it has reached people.
INEDGE Proposal

  • HR / Policy Docs, Salary Slip, Payout Letters, PF, ESIC, Insurance details accessed through Mobile app.
  • Personal details updated through Mobile
  • Upload cancelled cheque, PAN Card through Mobile App.
  • I Card available through Mobile.
  • Claim submission & approval through Mobile.
  • Instant Push message to target group

Value Additions:

  • No more remembering websites for HR Docs -> Instant access to all docs
  • Personal & Finance Detail Management is automatic
  • Claims Management seamless -> No more manual form, lost claims, incorrect claims
  • Instant Communication
Client Pain Points

  • Not able to track market visits
  • Not able to manage dynamic Beat Plan
  • Not able to capture Outlet details
INEDGE Proposal

  • Geotagged tracking of Outlet Visit
  • Ability to pre feed existing beat as well as add new outlet
  • Ability to change beat during the course of day real time.
  • Capture all Outlet relevant info.

Value Additions:

  • Create beat plans, daily activity, task lists, outlet mapping with ease
  • Tracking of adherence to Beat Plan and related activities
  • Change the work assigned according to the requirement.
  • Organize visit planning and track their execution
Client Pain Points

  • Outlet Selection & Planning for Target Achievement
  • Sales Drive Not Robust
  • Sales Reporting Manual, time consuming
  • No track of stock in Outlet or competition activity
  • Target Deployment arduous task
  • Performance info not easily available.
  • Paper based activity
INEDGE Proposal

  • Experienced Team driving Sales, Helping in Outlet Selection, daily performance monitoring
  • Capture daily sales, stock at outlet, competition sales & stock trough Mobile App
  • Purchase orders are immediately sent to the system.
  • Instant visibility of stock at dealer/ retailer
  • Create survey to capture info on Prospect& current clients, Marketing survey, status of lead progress.
  • Deploy Targets & Incentive scheme on Real Time Basis.

Value Additions:

  • Instant reports on sales stock & competition
  • Reduce Manual / paper-based activities à more time spent on data analysis & action
  • Helps reduce inventory pileup, Better control over stock outs or oversupply
  • Increase visibility & Sale through
Client Pain Points

  • Huge Manpower often seasonal required to visit outlet & deploy High quality POSM à Recruitment very difficult
  • Management of Regular deployment tedious.
  • No track of deployment, display effectiveness, POP utilization, competition activity.
  • Assets / POSM often misplaced / misused
  • Not enough Warehouse for storage of POSM Material often concern
INEDGE Proposal

  • Credible & Verified Candidate Database to ensure bulk, seasonal & regular hiring within TAT.
  • Experienced Team driving VM activities, daily monitoring, POSM & Asset Management
  • All activities verified with photo and geo tagging  along with store details through Mobile app.
  • Info on all retail merchandising events
  • Widespread offices for POSM Storage
  • Technology to create Heat Map

Value Additions:

  • Resources made available as & when needed.
  • Automated photos & Real time tracking à Avoids manual data collection and entry
  • Better equipped with market information
  • Increase your visibility & Sell through
  • POSM deployment cost effective
  • Quality of Sales (Mystery Shopping)
    • Sales Process Audit
    • RSP’s Soft Skills
    • Selling Skills
    • Product Knowledge
    • Grooming
    • Behavior
  • Store Hygienic Audit
    • Store Hygiene
    • In-store –
    • Display & Demo
    • Storefront –
    • Signage & Branding
  • Brand Asset Intelligence
    • Availability
    • Prominence
    • Purity
    • Condition
  • Market Research & Surveys
    • Satisfaction Surveys
    • Interviews and Feedbacks
    • Competition info
    • Stock Audit
    • Price & Promo info (MOP)

Successful execution of strategies involving sales, engagement, and customer and product experience demands that the teams be well-trained to handle all aspects of execution and managing complex plans. To cater a large workforce spread across geographies, we have customized digital multimedia and e-learning courses, real-world simulation, and interactivity that includes built-in tracking of training results.


We offer training solutions that range from classroom training to remote training. Our services include:

  • Training Process Management
  • Classroom Training
  • Route Training
  • Remote Training


IKYA INEDGE training solutions are strategically planned to develop people involved in sales to perform at their best.

Training and Development


Types of Engagement Program

Activity Category Description Frequency
Orientation Program New Hire Engagement Realistic job previews,
Strong induction program to familiarize the work culture, Assimilation program, Assigning buddies
As and when required
Learning and Skill Enhancement Learning and Development Regular technical and soft skill updation programs Quarterly
Social Media  Engagement Communication Activities Blogs
Chat sessions
Facebook page
Twitter updates
Flickr presence
Company announcements
Online Communication
Communication Activities Fortnightly
Open House Sessions Communication Activities Communication forums conducted for all kinds of internal announcements, Face to face discussions, Inviting suggestions Quarterly
Internal Magazine or Newsletter Communication  Activities Company updates,
HR announcements,
Internal competition
Employee Suggestions Schemes Communication Activities Active soliciting of employee feedback and opinions,
Query resolution,
Drop Box / Mail address
Satisfaction Surveys and
1:1 Sessions
Communication Activities Run at a corporate level,
Dipstick run at remote offices,
Grievance handling sessions
Recreational Activities Team Building Activity Movies,
Meal outings,
Resort trips,
Off sites
Social Activities Team Building Activities Family gatherings,
Kids @ work,
Pet show,
TGIF etc…
Community Outreach or
CSR Programs
Team Building and
Culture Development Activity
Fund raising,
Volunteering for social cause
Celebrations Fun @ Work and
Culture Development Activity
Service Anniversaries,
Cultural events,
Annual day
As and when required
Sports Competitions Fun @ Work Indoor games,
Outdoor sports,
Sports Day
Flexible Work Schedules Culture Development Activity Work from home,
Telecommuting options
On Manager’s discretion
Coaching and Mentoring Mentoring and Leadership Development Activity Honest feedbacks by Peers and Supervisors,
Empowerment through delegation
Career Planning Discussions Mentoring and Leadership Development Activity Role model,
High performance club,
Fast trackers,
Development plans,
Succession planning
As and when required
Rewards and Recognition
(Monetary & Non-Monetary)
Reward & Recognition Schemes Performance
Long service,
Innovation/Idea generation,
Behaviour linked rewards and recognition